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Hi, I’m Steven C. Roberts, a #1 Bestselling Author and Founder of College Cash Champion. I have taught 1,000s of students and parents, just like you, how to find money for college – helping them to avoid debt and reduce their college costs. I invite you to join me a on a free webinar to learn about getting college paid for.

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Percentage of ALL College Students (4-Year Degree or Less) Who Get a Student Loan


Students Attending State and Non-Profit Colleges that Default on Their Loan


Students Attending For-Profit Colleges that Default on Their Loan

WSJ reported in 2015 the average dollars owed on a student loan debt (4-year degree)


How is a Great Presentation Like a Pencil?




They Both Need to Have A Point


"Steven is incredibly passionate, responsive, articulate, and just plain amazing. He taught and engaged my audience with such a high-level of interest ... Steven took a topic that figuratively has been rehashed many times, and made it new and exciting… Steven was an amazing guest that I would be honored if he came back to the Kevin Zimmerman Show."
Kevin Zimmerman, The Kevin Zimmerman Show, audience size: 125,000+

Want to Get Coached by Steven?

Did you know that in addition to winning 11 scholarships and grants, two prestigious scholarships, and getting paid to do his homework, Steven was also a scholarship judge? Steven knows many of the "ins and outs" of paying for college.

Steven can help guide you to:

  • Save time and money on applying for money for college
  • Help you to know what judges are looking for and what to avoid
  • Develop systems to reduce the time it takes to apply

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Free Webinar!

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Want to know where to begin with saving money for college? Should you get a student loan? What are some resources anyone can claim regardless of background? Get on the webinar and learn some great resources to help you. Here is what you will learn:

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Individual Coaching

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Individual Coaching

Want some personal help? Steven is available for questions and guidance for individuals. Need to find some money for college? Want to help a son or daughter improve their chances for success? Get on the call and get your specific questions answered.

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Get the Book

NEWPaperback-Standing-500x660#1 Bestselling Book on Higher Education Financial Aid

Book: Winning the Money Game in College -- Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better!

Get the book that became the #1 Bestselling Book on Financial Aid! The book is written as a story to help people learn; the story teaches principles that nearly anyone can follow to help pay for college.

“I was worried this would be an instructive book and that I would get bored while reading. This was not the case because the storyline implements all of the principles in an interesting and intriguing way. The way things are presented in the book help me to learn – both things to do and what to avoid. I really liked the concept of the Bubblegum-Diamond-Thief and money management. I recommend this book to my friends – I think it's excellent for people both in and outside of college.”

– Ashley Rees, Student

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Online Coaching

Get Cash For College Information PackageDid you know that top performers in sports, business, speaking, or any other field will hire a coach and mentor? As the winner of 11 scholarships and grants, two prestigious scholarships, scholarship judge, and author of a book, who better to help you or your child succeed at paying for college? Satisfaction guaranteed. Click here to learn more.

This course is for parents and students to learn how to pay for college. The course can help student

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