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Hi, I’m Steven C. Roberts, a #1 Bestselling Author and Founder of College Cash Champion. I have taught 1,000s of students and parents, just like you, how to find money for college – helping them to avoid debt and reduce their college costs. Download my free report on *** the Biggest Financial Mistakes College Students Make*** and discover my secrets to paying for college.

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Percentage of ALL College Students Who Get a Student Loan


Students with Student Loans Attending State and Non-Profit Colleges that Default on Their Loan Before the Loan is Paid Off


Students with Student Loans Attending For-Profit Colleges that Default on Their Loan Before the Loan is Paid Off

WSJ reported in 2015 the average student loan debt (4-year degree)


“This book is entertaining while you learn what's needed. It was really nice to see it all in a kind of simulated situation besides just the abstract. I couldn't wait to finish it because I wanted to see how the main character was able to solve his financial problems. It's a story that's fun to read, but I was also learning while reading the story – and enjoying it.”

– Tiffany Marvin-Carr, Student

State House of Representatives Member

“This book should be required for anyone going to college. It is invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling.”

– Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives


“I was worried this would be an instructive book and that I would get bored while reading. This was not the case because the storyline implements all of the principles in an interesting and intriguing way. The way things are presented in the book help me to learn – both things to do and what to avoid. I really liked the concept of the Bubblegum-Diamond-Thief and money management. I recommend this book to my friends – I think it's excellent for people both in and outside of college.”

– Ashley Rees, Student


“This fast-moving, practical book is loaded with proven strategies to lower college costs, get an excellent education, and graduate debt-free. Wow!”

– Brian Tracy, Author, Goals!


“This is the best ‘How-To’ book I have ever read about college. Very well done.”

– John Paul Cutler, Student

Storytelling Company

“I couldn’t put it down. Little did I know what an amazing experience I was in for! I am just blown away by the power of that book! It was absolutely eye-opening to me - I'm so glad I got to read it!! It's not only a must-read for college students, but for EVERYONE!!!!!”

– Christy Ray, TPR Story Telling, Blaine Ray Workshops

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