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Your Organization Can Earn Up to 50% of the Sales (Plus Bonuses)


Many fundraisers focus on giving out candy, cookie dough, soda, or other junk food -- things which have no lasting meaning and encourage weight gain -- but in the end, how have you helped the people be better off and improve their lives? Why not do something that may help to change the financial future of the members of the group , and your donors, by offering resources to help educate people about paying for college? Collegiate Cash Champion would like to help your group make money AND make a difference in the lives of people.

Steven Roberts, author of Winning the Money Game in College, would like to help your school or group earn money by allowing your group to share in some of the book profits by helping to sell copies of Winning the Money Game in College in your community.


“Is this book worth it? Just using one of the techniques that Steven described has saved my wife and me almost $57,000 in college expenses – and that is just on one kid.”

   – Charles Dobens, Founder, Multifamily Investing Academy

“This fast-moving, practical book is loaded with proven strategies to lower college costs, get an excellent education, and graduate debt-free. Wow!”

   – Brian Tracy, Author, Goals!

“I couldn’t put it down. Little did I know what an amazing experience I was in for! I am just blown away by the power of that book! It was absolutely eye-opening to me - I'm so glad I got to read it!! It's not only a must-read for college students, but for EVERYONE!!!!!”

– Christy Ray, TPR Story Telling, Blaine Ray Workshops



How Your Group Can Make Money

The payout schedule for approved groups who sell using the suggested fundraising price of $19.95 (as this will provide potential purchasers an incentive to buy the book through Collegiate Cash Champion’s qualified fundraisers rather than pay full retail pricing) follows:

  • If a group sells 1-29 books, they will receive 20% of their group’s gross sales (they get a 20% discount off retail).
  • If a group sells 30-59 books, they will receive 40% of their group’s gross sales (they get a 40% discount off retail).
  • If a group sells 60+ books, they will receive 50% of their group’s gross sales (they get a 50% discount off retail).

An Example: Here’s a conservative example (for illustration purposes only) of how it would work:

A school choir with 65 choir members is planning a choir tour (there are 700 students at their school). The choir applies for and is accepted to the fundraiser with Collegiate Cash Champion. The parents of each child buy a book and the choir sells another 153 books to parents and students at the school. They go door to door in their community and sell an additional 39 books. With each book, they offer the coupon cards for free as a selling point. The choir sells the 257 books within 30 days – with the individual checks made out to the school and the choir keeps $2,563.58. The school sends Collegiate Cash Champion a check for $2,563.57 for purchasing the books near the author price and paying for shipping of the books. Collegiate Cash Champion sends the books and coupon cards out within 30 days (but may take up to 6 weeks for delivery), after receiving the check, to account for Media Mail. The school receives the books and coupon cards and gives these to the choir class. The choir class delivers the books and coupon cards and thanks each donor for helping the students go on their choir tour. The $2,563.58 is used to pay for a charter bus to take the choir members on a choir tour and buy T-shirts for the students to commemorate the choir tour.

The book sales in this example could be increased if the choir members or school were to contact local business and offer the books as a resource to give to their clients – while supporting the school, or if the choir members also sold the coupon cards as part of a package deal (see below).

Collegiate Cash Champion will pay for shipping via USPS Media Mail for group book sales of 20 or more books. Participants are responsible for collecting and depositing all money and donations (cash, checks, credit/debit cards, etc.) into the school’s account, along with all associated fees. Participants must also keep track of contributions made, along with respective names and addresses of all donors, so that the participants may deliver books to the individuals ordering the books. If a donor offers more money/contributions than the price of the book(s) ordered, the participating group may keep 100% of the contribution above the retail price of the book (i.e. if $19.95 is the suggested book price and a donor gives $25.00, the group may keep the additional $5.05 as a donation).

As an additional selling point, Collegiate Cash Champion may provide for free, at its sole discretion and availability, a coupon code card that retails for $15.00 to each person who purchases a book; the coupon cards will be valid for 1 year after the group receives them. The coupon card has several free handouts and adds value to purchasers of the book by providing them additional ways pay for college or save money on college expenses. Groups may also sell the coupon card and charge more than the book retail price. The groups may sell the coupon cards alone to donors who are only interested in the coupon card.

 What Your Group Would Need to Do

  •  Apply to participate by using the application form Sales Agreement
    • Pick a month that you want to host your fundraiser
    • Submit your application and sales form
  • Notify your community through Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, your website, flyers to the parents and students in your community, and working with local businesses about your fundraiser
  • Start your fundraiser month
    • Abide by the terms and conditions
    • Obey all local, state, and national laws
    • Keep track of the sales, amounts, items, and addresses of your donors
    • Deposit the money into your group's account
  • Send Collegiate Cash Champion a check for the the amount of books (80%, 60%, or 50% of the retail price) -- your group gets its money immediately after sales are made
  • After receiving the books, go distribute the books and coupon cards
  • Have fun


What the book Winning the Money Game in College teaches:

• Saving money
• Getting deals
• Scholarship sequencing
• Scholarship essay writing
• Scholarship stacking
• Buying Books
• Jobs that act like scholarships
• Tuition reimbursement
• Avoiding credit card debt
• Getting dreams
• How to get good credit cards
• 401(k) plans
• Money seeds
• Systematizing applications
• Internship tips
• Consequences of debt
• Avoiding student loans
• Short term loans
• School financial counselors
• Service and giving back
• Tax management
• Automatic bill payment
• Fixed and fluctuating expenses
• Goal setting
• Net worth
• 529 Education Savings Plans
• Money maximization
• Importance of study groups



Benefits of Working with this Fundraiser

  • Think of all the students and their parents at your school, in your community, how many of them would like to learn strategies on saving money with college expenses? Even if people were not parents, they are friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and neighbors. They might like to get a gift and help your cause.
  • This book would help many people avoid student loans and maybe offer them the incentive to attend college when they otherwise wouldn't go.
  • Think of all the businesses, real estate, auto dealerships, lawyers, and salespeople that would like to have promotional items for their clients. This book would be a great opportunity for them to donate to your fundraiser AND get something of value for their clients.