Individual Coaching

Want some personal help? Steven is available for questions and guidance for individuals. Need to find some money for college? Want to help a son or daughter improve their chances for success? Get on the call and get your specific questions answered.

What You Get:

  • An individual 50-minute coaching session with a nationally recognized college finance expert, Steven Roberts
    • You will be given the opportunity to submit questions in advance and get direct advice over the phone
  • A recorded session emailed to you a few days after the call -- so you can refer back to it
  • An electronic copy of one of Steven's released books of your choice (each session gets a new book)
    • If you complete 4 full calls, you get Steven's Audio Course Free

Steven MAY, at his discretion, also provide additional resources to help you achieve results faster


“My daughter just found over $411,000 in scholarships because of what you taught!”


Attendee at one of Steven's speaking events

"I found over $262,000 because of your help."


College Student

"I have been really impressed from what I have learned from Steven since I have discovered the wealth of knowledge he has to offer. It is not very often that you find someone who has such pertinent advice about various concepts which can be instantly applicable to one's life. Just by applying a couple of the principles I learned from him within a few minutes, I was able to save just over $2,000 that same day! I know it sounds like it may not be possible to have such an inspiring person, but Steven has diligently done his research and thoroughly understands many concepts which other people don't fully comprehend even after earning multiple prestigious scholastic degrees. I feel that Steven is not only a wonderful writer, but he is also just as uniquely talented to be able to communicate in very understandable terms to many different age groups. If you haven't had the opportunity to study more in depth the materials and resources Steven has made available (both on his website and in print) then I would strongly urge you to do so. It will change your life and will also impact the lives of those around you without a doubt."

Brad J.

College Student

Take the $100,000 College Challenge


For the Individual Coaching, Paid Webinars (Free Webinars are NOT Part of Guarantee), or Online Coaching, If I cannot show you (or someone you care about) how to find at least $100,000 in money available for college -- specific to you, I will give you $100 in gift cards to



Disclaimer: Unfortunately, neither Collegiate Cash Champion nor Steven C. Roberts nor their affiliates can control the actions of third-parties. Services teach best practices to increase chances of success, however, your results are based on your actions and the decisions of third-parties. Guarantee only refers to finding money for college per person, not per session; no amount of money is guaranteed to be awarded. No financial or legal advice offered; if such services are desired, a competent and licensed professional should be sought out.