Steven C. Roberts

Speaking Topics Include:

  • How YOU (yes, you) Can Pay for College
  • Mastering YOUR Money: It is NOT What You Make, But What You KEEP
  • Achieving YOUR Goals: Start Living on Purpose
  • Put on the Whole Armor of God: How God's Word and Armor Can Help You Succeed
  • When Life Hands You a Lemon: It is Time to Start Planting
  • College Success: You are Here for a Reason

Whether you are a wanting to help a charity or non-profit organization, parent’s organization, Steven Roberts Image white borderor a school, Steven can speak to your audience and deliver an interactive speech to encourage, educate, and inspire your audience. Steven’s presentation can be used by both parents, students, and even those who are not in college. Steven teaches some of the latest ideas on how to manage money and earn money.

Many youth and adults are NOT taught about how money works and what is worse is that they believe that their dreams of obtaining a financial education are not possible. Steven will help your audience to challenge their beliefs about money, learn how to earn money, and how to keep money – all while mixing in some clean humor to help teach the principles he will share with your group.

Steven’s parents made it clear that there was no money available for college. Steven had to learn how to pay for college – and he did it without student loans and without previous savings. Steven can show you how to do it too “your dreams are not impossible.” Steven will share concepts like finding your Bubblegum-Diamond-Thief, how to apply to scholarships in less than two hours, many of the resources that are available to students, how to earn and College Pillars Circlekeep your money, how to buy books and textbooks, how to still have fun and save money, and many more ideas. In addition to teaching about scholarships and college finance, Steven can teach about buying real estate and starting a business as a college student; there are actually some great resources that are available to college students.

Contact Steven today to come and speak to your group. You will be glad that you did! Steven Email

Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg-Business-logo-small“Steven C. Roberts is a champion for reducing costs everywhere.., Even better, Roberts provides advice on how to generate enough income in resourceful ways so that college loans are low or nonexistent.”

– Andy Andrews, Business Weekly

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Kevin Zimmerman, Audience Size 125,000

Kevin Zimmerman

"If you are looking for an exceptional guest, speaker, or presenter for your show or organization, you should invite Steven C. Roberts to your event... Steven is incredibly passionate, responsive, articulate, and just plain amazing. He taught and engaged my audience with such a high-level of interest that I was just blown away.... Steven took a topic that figuratively has been rehashed many times, and made it new and exciting." -- Kevin Zimmerman, The Kevin Zimmerman Show, audience size: 125,000+ [See full letter of recommendation by clicking here.]

L-3 Communications

L3 Communications"Our company is comprised of highly technical engineers and technicians; Steven captivated them for the entire presentation length with how effectively he taught the material. Steven made the topic incredibly interesting -- and even fun. ... We are working on arrangements to invite Steven back to speak to even more of our employees." -- Chandra Mills, L-3 Communications, Communications Systems West [See full letter of recommendation by clicking here.]

Featured in over 600 Media Outlets


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morningstar_416x416"Steven C. Roberts is on a mission to end the knee-jerk dependence students and their families have on student loans."


The Kovacs Perspective

TheKovacsPerspective“College is a time for learning and making great memories. It's also a time for accumulating massive debt for the vast majority of students, and that debt isn't so easily paid off. Student loans and the interest incurred are crippling young people who thought they would have a great life if only they got a better education. Steven C. Roberts has some great advice for those students and explains how they can get through college without student loans ~ no matter what major they're taking or their grade point average.”

– Steve  Kovacs, The Kovacs Perspective